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What is the FRP

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security method that was designed to make sure someone can’t just wipe and factory reset your phone if you’ve lost it or it was stolen. Starting with Android Lollipop, FRP is “standard” in vanilla Android, and most companies making our phones have implemented it in their own models. It’s a good thing — it makes a stolen phone harder to use, which makes it less appealing to thieves, and anything that can protect our data on a phone we’ve lost is welcome.

What We Are Provide

We Provide The Official Solution To Reset FRP Lock On Samsung & HUAWEI Models.

Why you should use our website

1- We Support All Models and All Android Version 5,6,7,8,9.
2- We using Official Service and Safety Methods Without Any Risk On Devices.
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4- Money Guaranteed If your Device Not Unlocked.
5- Safety Payments Method Via PayPal.


Order Reset FRP Lock Samsung Service

1- Download Required Program Flexihub
2- Connect Device in Normal Mode, Not Download or Recovery Mode
3- Send Message to WhatsApp: +962795995997 That Contain PayPal Transaction ID
4- We Will Complete The Order on WhatsApp

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Reset FRP Lock Samsung
Cost : 15$
Delivery Time : Instant
Required Program : Flexihub

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Reset FRP Lock Huawei
Cost : 16$
Delivery Time : Instant
Required Program : Huawei FRP Tool

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